Recently, I had the opportunity to do wedding makeup for a very good friend, a.k.a. my crew-mate and lawn-mowing buddy, Madi. You couldn’t tell she spent many summers mowing lawns covered in grass and dirt with me, could you? Well, it’s true! It was often these long, hot summer days where we would have long conversations about boys and how dumb they are, and now look! She’s married. 

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I always get people telling me that I should not only do full-glam makeup looks on millennials, but that I should also do makeup looks on more. . . “experienced” people (let’s be honest, that was just a nicer way of saying “old” so that all of the moms out there don’t get mad at me; but really though, y’all are young at heart and I love it). I’ve always loved this request and knew I wanted to accept the challenge to prove that everyone can enjoy makeup – not only young girls in their 20’s.

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