Well, I did it! On August, 17 2018, I graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was graduating high school.

There are a couple really unique things about my graduation.

1 – My father graduated from the same university about 21 years ago when I was just a small chunky baby. Walking in his footsteps has been an incredible experience as I have walked where he walked, studied where he studied, and sung where he sang. Provo is also the place that my parents met, so BYU will always hold a special place in my heart.

2 – I am the first Arnita grandchild to receive a college degree! My father’s parents came to the US just before he was born from Palestine, seeking a better life for their children. They are true examples of living the American Dream, and because of their great sacrifice for their family, I have had the opportunity to receive this education. Although both of them have passed on, I am honored to be holding a diploma made possibly by them. I love and miss them greatly.

And don’t worry – I am not too sad about graduating and not being in school, because now is the time to apply for graduate school! I look forward to whatever the future has in store for me, and cannot wait to continue my education in social work.

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