In my time at Brigham Young University, I have had the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest choirs of 160 women, BYU Women’s Chorus. If anyone ever had the opportunity to audition for such an incredible choir (or BYU Men’s Chorus), I highly recommend it. For 3 semesters, my life has been changed, my character has been molded, my spirituality has been strengthened, and my womanhood has been manifested.

There are two incredible things I have learned from this experience:

1 – Oh, how thankful I am to be a daughter of the Almighty King. I love being a woman. I love my femininity. I love my calling on this earth. I am proud to be me. I am proud of my downfalls and weaknesses. I am proud of my strengths and talents. I am amazed at how far I have come with the help of my Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am confident in myself and in Him. I am me, and I love it.

2 – The power of music is incredible. It is through nothing else that I feel so much peace and joy in my life; nowhere else can I feel such a powerful spirit. It is through the incredible harmonies, clashing chords, intense dynamics, and beautiful lyrics that I feel the closest to my true character: to my Heavenly Father.


If you have the opportunity, please listen to a few of the pieces I have participated in during my time in BYU Women’s Chorus:

BYU Women’s Chorus was able to film a music video for the song Tundra

About a year ago, my younger sister and I had the opportunity to sing with BYU Women’s Chorus in the women’s session of LDS General Conference. We sang I Feel My Savior’s Love, My Heavenly Father Loves Me, and Come, O Thou King of Kings

A piece composed specifically for BYU Women’s Chorus (also available on iTunes) called Locus Iste (I Feel. . .)describing the feelings one might feel inside the Temple of the Lord.

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